Laser Party

Laser Guns

Army Uniform

War Paint

Team Battle

Join us for an incredible Laser Party, and see if you have the combat skills to beat the enemy team! Imagine having your party in a 5000sqft Play Centre with a 3 level play zone, add-in an organized Laser Guns activity and give your child an unforgettable party experience.


Battle will take place across the whole play centre including the 3 level soft play zone, there are plenty of places to shoot, hide and play, including the dark disco room with flashing lights, smoke and music, ball pit with gun turret, fun slides, tunnels, climbing nets. An experienced party host will Marshall the laser activity.

Each soldier will be supplied with:

  • Army camouflage uniform (vest) (vest & cap for team captains)
  • Face paint
  • Laser gun

Our computerised scoring system will record the players hits, then a battle report will be produced showing
hits, top scorer, winning team total hits and team based score.

Battle takes place in two session formats; Team and Free For All.


What you get

  • 1 hour EXCLUSIVE use of the play areas with Laser Guns
  • 30 mins playtime*
  • 30 mins party food*
  • Party host
  • Exclusive party area
  • Party invitations
  • Party throne for Birthday child
  • Buffet food
  • Unlimited jugs of juice
  • Cake ceremony (cake not included)

*unless otherwise stated
Available everyday from 5.00pm –  7:00pm

Buffet Food (Per Child)

1 x Fish Fingers
2 x Chicken nuggets
3 x Sausages

Crisps, sandwiches

Ice Cream

WEEKDAYS £14.95 per child – WEEKENDS £15.95 per child

Minimum of 10 children required – Maximum of 24

Recommended minimum age: 5 years old
A deposit must be paid upon booking
Deposit non-refundable
Party lasts 2 hours