Laser Party Rules

Laser Party Guidelines

Thank you for booking your party at Time4Play, please take a couple of minutes to study the following to make your party more enjoyable……


By now you should have secured your party booking with the payment of a non-refundable deposit.
The balance is required to be paid on the day of your party.
We have 12 laser guns so would recommend keeping this party to this maximum, however, if you have more children attending your party we can accommodate these by working on a rotation basis, please speak to the reception team or your party host about the different options.

We must receive final numbers at least 1 day before your party to ensure we can cater for them all.
Why not pre-order a ‘Adult Sharing Platter’, (consists of: 8 x chicken nuggets, 8 x onion rings, 10 x cocktail sausages, 1 x portion of chips, nachos, 2 x garlic breads, side salad, sour cream, mayo & salad dressing) for the adults attending your party?
Please ask at reception for more information regarding this, it may be possible to purchase Adult Sharing Platters on the day of your party.
Additional party invitations can be collected from Time4Play reception or downloaded from:

Party Extras

We can offer additional services to make your party even more special. You can now purchase our deluxe punch balloons, pre filled party bags, have a face painter at your party or have a souvenir photo took to mark the memorable day. Please contact reception for more information regarding these fantastic optional extras.
Your party has arrived!
As a party parent, please ensure you arrive 10 minutes before the party is due to commence to enable us to confirm the guest list with you in preparation for welcoming your guests. Please encourage your guests to arrive on time where we can then direct them to your seated party area.
Your party will last 2 hours in total.
On arrival you will be greeted by the reception team who will show you over to your allocated party area and explain everything to you. One party host is allocated per party.
You may be provided with more than one party host depending on the number of children at the party. Rest assured you can sit back and relax for the duration of the party!
Play time will last 30 minutes, after the playtime, the party host will make a tannoy announcement to gather the children together. All announcements will ask the children to gather at the party table where they will need to take a seat.
The party food will be served in the form of a mixed hot and cold buffet (broken down per child: 1x fish finger, 2 x chicken nuggets, 3 x cocktail sausages, chips, crisps, a sandwich, 1 x jelly & ice cream portion.) Before or after the children eat, the party host will bring out your cake (if you have provided one) and sing happy birthday to the birthday child.
This will have allowed the party host to cut your cake and place it in your party bags if you have supplied them, or we can provide these for you (at an extra £2 cost per bag).
After the food, your host will make another tannoy announcement to gather the children together to start the laser section of your party. The host will set the children into two teams and explain the rules and how the guns work. The children will then be sent to play in any of the play areas where they will have two 20 minute sessions with the laser guns ( unless otherwise stated) with a 10 minute break in-between, to allow the children to rest and have some juice. We will turn down the lighting (unless otherwise specified) and turn on our interactive coloured lighting to really get the party started (please mention it to your party host if you would like to keep the lights on during the party).

What must be done before the party

Pay the deposit as soon as possible if you haven’t already done so
Confirm final numbers at least 1 day before the party

What to bring on the day of the party

Guest list completed so we can confirm all children invited on arrival
Your birthday cake and candles
Your party bags unless purchasing them from us. (Please ask your party host or a member of the reception team for more information).
Your children!
The rest is down to us so sit back, relax and enjoy!


Socks must be worn at all times! These can be purchased at Time4Play for £1.00 per pair. It is recommended that children wear long sleeves and full length trousers, as the slides can cause friction burns. Nylon (tracksuits, football shirts and some costumes) can be prone to burns and scorch marks!

Car parking
Time4Play has a 2 hour free car park at the front of the building.

Food Allergies

If any of your guests have food allergies, you are recommended to bring your own food for that child – please make the staff aware before the party. If there are dietary preferences/ requirements, please let us know in advance and we will endeavour to accommodate your wishes.

General Rules

Children should always be supervised by their parents or a responsible adult. It is advised to have one parent for every 5 children.

Should parents wish to leave children with another supervising adult at a party, please ensure a contact telephone number is left with reception as well as the supervising adult.
Time4Play ‘rules of play’ apply at all times and these can be found on entry to Time4Play or on our website.
Time4Play will be open to members of the public unless you have chosen the laser or VIP party (unless stated otherwise) (please ask for more details).

Please consider the privacy of other guests at Time4Play when taking photographs or filming the party.
If the number of guests for your party is quiet large please be mindful your party may overrun slightly to ensure you receive all your party requirements.

Last but not least, enjoy your party!

Thank you, from the Time4Play team.

Please call if you have any questions or concerns – 01472 269 270