Todds Party

Toddler Party

Separate Toddler Playzone

Play Centre Experience

Cake Ceremony

Make your child’s Toddler party special at our 5000sqft play centre with 3 level soft play zones! Kids love the play centre for a party environment so why not make your child’s party one to remember!

What you get

  • 90 mins playtime – 3 level soft play zone, 5000sqft play centre…
  • 30 mins party food
  • Party host
  • Party invitations
  • Exclusive party area
  • Party throne for Birthday child
  • Unlimited jugs of juice
  • Cake ceremony (cake not included)

Buffet Food (Per Child)


1 x Fish Fingers
2 x Chicken nuggets
3 x Sausages



Crisps, sandwiches

1 x  Jelly and ice cream

  £7.95 per child

Minimum 5 children
Maximum age: 4 years old
Party lasts 2 hours
Deposit non-refundable